Assembly & Logistics

Many of the products which are formed for Medallion’s customers require secondary processing which can include component assembly. This assembly may consist of attaching hinges, brackets, studs, hidden fasteners or actual part-to-part bonding. Our assembly department is staffed by well trained and highly experienced experts who routinely provide Medallion’s customers with high quality finished product.

Once the assembly process is completed, our shipping department carefully prepares our customer’s product for safe and speedy delivery. Using a variety of protective materials and electronic bagging systems, product is protected and then, where necessary, packaged in shipping containers that range from cardboard boxes to automotive style plastic totes. Where practicable, containers and packaging are returned to Medallion for re-use.

Product delivery and logistics is another service we offer. We work with customers and carriers to make sure product is delivered on time and undamaged. Medallion can integrate with supply chains and make regular deliveries on a predetermined schedule. Our company has decades of experience in managing international shipments.